Some farmers who went to MOFA office to acquire fertilizer coupons ended falling to blows whiles in cue waiting for their turn. The farmers were asked to stay behind a gate to enable officials at the Agric office attend to each accordingly to facilitate the process of issuing pass books.
However, some didn’t want to go by the order and infused into exchanging of blows. According to reports, some of the farmers Radford FM spoke to, said their colleagues fell out of the cue and could not be found but later came to disrupt the process that brought about the confusion.
They were however calmed and issuance of the pass books continues. Meanwhile, officers at the MOFA were complaining of misconduct among farmers as some attempted bribing them with monies to get the pass books quicker. They refused to mention names but said that the farmers who attempted bribing them were clearly informed all coupons are issued for free.
A desk officer in the exercise Mr. Mahmud Iddrisu urged farmers to reports any officer who attempts taking bribe in line with another report that says officers collected monies from farmers to issue pass books.



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