The Sissala East Assembly has instituted mandatory police escort for passenger vehicles and market travelers from tomorrow 28th February, 2017 to help stem the tide of armed robbery attacks currently been experienced by residents of Tumu.
All private persons involved in transport and use of the roads may call on the police for assistance in their planned trips.


The Sissala EAST District Coordinating Director Mr. Salifu Kanton told RadfordFM in an interview after an emergency meeting of the GPRTU branch in Tumu, the police and the assembly’. ‘I had a meeting this morning with the GPRTU with the BNI that from tomorrow there will be a barrier to check every passenger to ensure there is police escort in every vehicle or such passenger vehicle shall be prevented from embarking on the trip ‘. He told RadfordFM. Mr. Kanton added that all market trucks from TUMU to all market centers must do so to save civilians from becoming victims of attacks.


The meeting he said agreed that all parties resolved to return early from the markets to avoid the darkness that makes attacks easier. He said other measures were been considered that immediately will not be made known to the public but assured all to take care of themselves in these trying times. From TUMU to WA is a hundred kilometers journey that cost Seventeen Ghana cedis for fare but this has been increased to Eighteen Ghana cedis to make way for the police escort but some drivers have been flouting it and this must be enforced to ensure the safety of travelers.



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