About 37 cattle have been rescued by the unit committee of Pulima in the Sissala west district. They have since been reunited with the owners after the rescuers called into RadfordFM to report the interception. It said during the night one of them gave birth. According to a unit committee member Mr. Mahama Mua, the animals were found yesterday in the evening grazing around the dam aimlessly and not knowing where they were going to.


They then arranged to get some members to secure them whilst waiting for the owners to come. Since waiting in the morning up to noon without any hint, the committee informed RadfordFM about the cattle in their possession. Not long after the announcement, one Mr. Zaki Sule, a fulani, over fifty years came to Pulima in the company of Karim and Iddrisu both herdsmen to claim ownership of the herd of cattle. When asked to show prove of ownership, they provided a receipt in the name of the Sissala West District Assembly where it indicated One Twenty Ghana CEDI’s payment which allowed them permit to move the cattle from Kupulima to Duu in the Sissala East District to feed until May 2017 when they intend to return to Leo in Burkina Faso.


Narrating later to Tumu Radford how they got missing, the owner said yesterday they drove them from Leo in Burkina Faso to Kupulima up to Kong in Sissala East where one of the Shepherd, Karim was sick and fell asleep and when he got up the cattle had vanished after Iddrisu was reportedly sick earlier. They then started searching and combed the bush at dawn until the announcement was made on Radford FM in the afternoon. The committee from Pulima said they have to keep an eye on them following the recent spate of cattle theft in the area and added that they did that so that anytime their cattle get missing too they can be treated same. The owners gave the committee One hundred and Eighty Ghana cedis for their effort.


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