The brave task force against rosewood loggers are back home with close to a hundred people gathered at the Tumu Police station to hear what transpired from their first operation in Nabugubelle, Dolunbizon, Yigantu and the story looks scary.
All of the team members are alive and back excerpt that they were threatened with beatings, knives and gunshots. The two Police officers who accompanied the team saved a near bloodshed between some community members who have become deeply involved in the illegal lumbering. The immediate benefits far outweighs tilling the land as a farmer and the reason some of the youth will rape the vegetative cover.


All seven people brought from the communities will be put before the magistrate court tomorrow on charges of conspiracy from the criminal code and illegal logging under the Forestry act. One of the arrested loggers told Police during interrogation that he has no permit to salvage, yet he is effectively cutting all rosewood on site as fresh ones are abound in most of the communities.
Over ten tree cutting machines, a tricycle and motorcycle which were seized earlier were forcibly taken away by some of the merchants after one pulled a knife on the task force members.
Only three of the tree cutting machines, five car batteries, gallons of engine oil, a wood processing machines, two trucks are currently with the Tumu police. Some Sissala East Assembly members are inundating the Tumu police commander with calls accusing him of storming their electoral area without their permission since they are the leaders of the communities.
The Dolunbizon area has been ‘christened’ as the headquarters of rosewood harvest in 2017 in Sissala east even though some leaders of the visited communities sworn earlier to the Police of the absence of the loggers. The place is simply under invasion as more than half of the people are unknown and unfamiliar and don’t speak the language.

According to some task force members, they saw truckloads of prepared rosewood dotted on most of the communities from Tumu to Yigantu/Jaana through to Bugubelle.
For some of them, they are lucky to come back to Tumu as the resistance from the locally recruited staff appear frightening. One told RadfordFM,“They can even kill to perpetuate the act”
The youth are burnt on pushing far the operation to end rosewood harvest at least in the area and rewrite their names as the ones that stood against deforestation in the face of alleged complacent and compromise by the leadership.


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