Naa Kokoro Edward was on Saturday outdoor the chief of the Dagaaba community in Tumu in the sissala east district. He is 51 years old and was born in felimou, he started his education at the Nimoro catholic school also known as st’ Thomas; He proceeded to the then Kanton secondary school and later continued his education at the Nandom technical school. Naa Kokoro Edward is a building constructor and as well a trader, married to two wives with 8 children. He settled in Tumu in 1999 and became a government appointee during Kufour’s regime after which he was reelected as an assembly member for felimou electoral area and now serving in sissala west as a government appointee. In his speech, Naa Edward expressed that things don’t happen unless people make them happen and that all living things that can move have leaders. This therefore is not surprising that the Dagaaba community have seen the need to have a leader to serve them. Naa Edward stressed that since the demise of late Mathias and W.W.Tengviel, the Dagaaba community have always done things in an adhoc manner. He also expressed profound gratitude for the honor done him.
He took some minutes to observe silence for the departed chiefs of the community. Naa Edward assured to serve his people but calls for unity to prevail among members to the Dagaaba and Sissala communities. Naa Kokoro Edward was urged by the Jantinna of Tumu representative to accept all calibre of people since he’s been entrusted with the Title to take responsibilities for the Dagaaba community. In that colorful ceremony the Frafra friends of Dagaabas presented to the chief a parceled live puppy which serves a police woman to guide Naa Kokoro Edward.


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