The Chief Executive Officer of the Malbastos Gas Filling Station in Tumu Mr. Iddrisu Musah has admonished business owners to develop good customer relationship to enhance sales of their products, He has called on kinsmen of the area to invest in properties that would change the perception of the area as being unfriendly towards business and that “ it will take only us, as Sissalas to take the bold initiative before others will come in to invest in our area”. He added that, business owners should respect their customer as well their employees. These were said on the Masie Breakfast Show on Monday during the Radford FM Business Dialogue Series .Mr. Iddrisu added business owners should not see their employees as people they have bought just because they pay them a monthly salary, “your employees are not commodities you bought from the market”, but they have a stake in the business. He enjoined business owners to have time with their employees by organizing regular meetings to find out about their challenges and on how they think the business can grow, he said they should not make their employees feel inferior to them like people who are their slaves, he advised them to let their employees to be part and parcel of their business. Mr. Musah also mentioned that as a business person, you must always must be ready to receive criticism, Mr. Musah advice business people to always invest in their customer and should not be looking always at the profit that will make from the business. Mr. Musah Iddrisu however refuted claims made by some people that his product sells is more costly than anywhere in town, He advised people that the public should stop peddling lies against other person’s business as that will not be good for them. Malbastos Gas filling station is the first to be established in the whole of the Sissala East district in the year 2011 selling gas products to the market. Mr. Musah used the opportunity in the studio to call on the new Akuffo Addo led government to assist his firm to complete the Duwie, Desime Self Help Electrification Project which was started about ten years ago and stalled. The Malbastos conglomerate is yet to introduce fuel products, a barbering saloon, shopping center, washing base and other construction activities before the end of the year 2017


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