Surroundings of the Tumu hospital is invaded with plastic bags, solid faecal of human and animals matter, unburnt medical waste and stray animals such as goats,pigs,donkeys which has left the already half fenced facility exposed to other likely diseases if the authorities are supported to deal with.
The Tumu District hospital is faced with this serious pollution from waste collected from households and shops into a zoomlion communal container cited behind the eastern right Conner of the facility’s wire fence which is not regularly emptied and infuses streams of rubbish into the hospitals environment. The dumping site has pictured the facility in a tag of perceptions from the public however, the refuse site was not carefully selected and makes it difficult for authorities to keep clean the environment and further extends to air pollution when the waste catches fire anytime zoomlion fails to empty the container.

The OPD,laboratory,male ward and some resident medics in the hospital environment are worse affected all the time when the wind blows streams of plastic waste into the facility with it attendant stench emanating from both the solid and liquid waste . After a short presentation of benches to the hospital last week done by Mr. Sanda Kodimah a mental health practitioner based in the UK, an observation by RadfordNews team and Sanda discovered the situation mixed with animal droppings and faecal matter has an effect on sanitation in the facility that is the light of an example for people to seek and learn good health from.
Authorities of the facility last week told RadfordNews all efforts to get zoomlion to relocate the zongo dumping site failed and has compelled them to sometimes do litter picking within the facility. Mr. Anthony Sumah,Administrator of the hospital who said this expressed that it’s like the Zoomlion are challenged in their own way because we followed up on them to the pick the container there but to no avail. This therefore place a call on all concerned authorities especially the District assembly to as a matter of urgency intervene to either get the waste site cleared and relocated or speed up measures to fence the Tumu Hospital with a wall to avoid entry of pollutants into the hospitals environment.
The Tumu hospital is one of the oldest district hospitals in the country, the only hospital serving a population of over hundred in both Sissala East and West districts which is bereft with challenges in the delay in the payment of its health insurance claims, inadequate health staff and structures with limited health delivery equipment with staff mostly working in challenging environment.

By David Luri/MBS @Radford FM


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