Local indigenes within the Sissala East and West districts may see a total change in the way they extract oil from shear nuts. In a discussion with Radford FM Masie Breakfast show today 16th January 2017 Mr. Majeed Barson, a native of Tumu and owner of Bobotiero Enterprise has hinted of a collaboration between his organization and Superior Sheers, an organization owned by Mr. Miles Davies, an American.
Miles Davies who is currently in Tumu in the company of his business partner under the new name Sissala shear Cooperative are mobilizing women into groups with the aim of encouraging them to pick more shear fruits, process them into shear butter for export into the American market. This initiative according to the pair is meant to empower and liberate women through increasing income opportunities to the women with the use of shear nut.
Mr. Majeed lamented the struggle and the crude ways women go through to extract shear nut oil. He said Sissala Shear Cooperative which is an organization is into the buying of shear nut oil will make available sophiscated machines that can easily extract the oil saving women of the struggle. He added that after the extraction, the organization will buy the oil and export to the United States of America.
Explaining the benefits customers will enjoy when they extract their oil and sell to the Corporation, Mr. Majeed said the company will bring back to the women 50% of the profit the organization will make after they sell the oil in America. He however revealed that the monies won’t be distributed to them individually but used to register for the women and their children`s National Health Insurance Scheme or renew their expired cards. He added the organization will also enter into an agreement with the NHIS and pay a premium to them to be used to cater for the hospital bills and cost of drugs that are not covered by the NHIS. In addition they will buy books and other educational materials for the wards of their customers.
Women will also be given protective clothing to enable them pick the shear nuts devoid of any hazards. It is goal of the venture to introduce machinery that will reduce the drudgery women go through locally in extracting the shear butter.
Miles who is into music and promotion hinted of organizing tour and other engagements for up and coming artist like Santana and identify other musical talents for support.


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