Children in Tumu who once were provided with a recreational center to play and learn will not have their younger ones enjoy same as the half acre facility stocked with learning materials is left to rot at the Low cost area in Tumu.
Play Land a carefully designed structure meant to be used by children for activities that will promote their psychomotor skills, learn and provide recreation is in ruins as a result of seeming neglect of the center.
A visit by Radford News Desk Shows the gate to the facility though with padlock but has been left opened, play equipment made up of metal made see-saw and many others have all corroded and showing signs of immobility. The surrounding look abandoned, filled with dirt, doors and windows to the offices left ajar and furniture unprotected as well as the offices. Other learning materials including tables, chairs have been left to deteriorate.
Play land was initiated and built by Action Aid in the early 2000s to provide an environment conducive enough for children to both play and learn, years after its establishment, the facility appear as not longer useful to the community in view of its state of neglect. Regional manager for Action Aid in Upper West region Mr. George Dery told Radford News that the facility was created by the organization and District assembly but they have since handed it over to the Sissala East District Assembly permanently. According to him the goal was to provide a recreational center for children to play after school and on weekends.


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