The celebration of Dr. Hilla Limann as a former President of Ghana is very important more especially as a Sissala person as he is our own and there is the need to appreciate him as his celebration and remembrance reconnect us with what happened in the past but let’s reduce the sentiments.
The Zini Kuoro, Kuoro Abu Diyaka Sukabe Sunkuso shared these concerns when RadfordFM interviewed him after the 20th anniversary programme for late President Dr.Hilla Limann in Gwollu.
“I was expecting something more of a national character and devoid of family sentiments and there is the need to cut out the family element because once a President and a paramount Chief he should be put out there as a national asset for all of us to honour him”.
His background information with his biography as lined up was more of political and he had other sides that must be looked at.
The Zini Kuoro spoke to Radford FM News Desk after attending the 20th anniversary with an entourage from the Buwaa Paramouncy. Kuoro Abu Diyaka Sukabe Sunkuso said after 20years of his demise, we should package the former President and a chief as a ‘national personality’ for everybody, we should move on as people now, he suggested.
In other to sustain his memory and this activity, this initiative was good, next time, we can have a lecture where people can get to know more about his personality and works with his values and reduce the sentiment as we have grown over time as a ppeople. The Zini Kuoro said these taught were his concerns and suggestions but added it was worth celebrating him.
Kuoro Sukabe led a large group of people from the Buwaa community to remember the late chief and a former President.


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