Increased caesarean operation is on the rise in the Sissala East hospital of Tumu, a phenomenon that is attributable to inadequate transport systems and delays in transporting women in labour to health centers due to bad roads network in the area.
The bad nature of roads is undermining the quality of reproductive and child health services in the district and by way could account for the rise in the rate of caesarean session to 16.9 percent recorded at the Tumu hospital during a 2017 review period held at precincts of the assembly hall.
The situation is worrying to the health authorities who wished to have fewer women accessing this option in order not go beyond the standard of 10 to 11% but authorities says ‘the women who come during labour to the facility appear tired and unable to push resulting in caesarean operation. RadfordFM quest to know why was answered that ‘the women have the option for selective ‘CS’ or otherwise, excerpt that, they chose to have it, otherwise, they encourage the natural way and do operations where necessary’.
The delays resulting from bad nature of roads in the Sissala East district has taken Strides against quality health care delivery in the Sissala East District apart from affecting productivity in all the other sectors in the district.
The District Director of Health Services Mr. Alex Bapula bemoans the bad nature of the roads in the district that threatens quality health care delivery as it causes critical delays among pregnant women who are trying to reach the hospital for deliveries.
He said the roads are a critical component and their current state needs to be addressed or else it will continue to affect health care delivery in the Sissala East District. He disclosed this during the Sissala East Ghana Health Service 2017 annual review conference on the “Leveraging Community and Partner Support, Critical for improving Maternal and Child Health”.
Mr. Alex also disclosed that sociocultural practices such as forcing women to confess during labour and administration of concoctions and many more as another challenge to maternal and child health which almost caused the death of a pregnant woman, a mere miss, he described it.


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