Due to socio cultural reasons it is difficult for girls particularly from rural areas to participate in sporting activities in the country but an eighteen year old girl born to the people of Mwanduanu in the Sissala East District of Ghana West Africa has been able to make a breakthrough that proves that girls are equally capable of participating in one of the mostly loved and watched sporting events, athletics in the country .
At this years` Annual National Circuit Championship held at Sekondi on Saturday 27th of January 2018, Hor Halutie participated in four events and came first during the 100m and 200m using about 11:30seconds as against her previous timing of 11:57 seconds. It is her hope to surpass the national 100m record of 11:28
Speaking to RadfordFM Masie Breakfast Show, determined Hor Halutie hinted that she is looking up to the world celebrated international icon who is known for her artistic style in the game of tennis, Serena Williams is who she looks up to, she said she is optimistic about her career and that she is giving herself five years to achieve the enviable records chalked by the Serena Williams.
Answering question on her challenges, She hinted that it has been little tough and difficult for ever since she started this career in 2014 but she was hopeful that with the support of family and friends as well as mentors she would one day bring home an international medal in the coming years. Hor Halutie would in the coming months be joining her other competitors to participate in this year`s Commonwealth games to be held in Australia.
The Program director of ‘Just Because fitness’ Madam Sara Asafu-Adjaye mentioned that Halutie is a young very determined person who is strong and very focus to achieve her dreams and goals, she added that the young lady believed in herself and never get discouraged from her challenges.
Her organization is putting in place a sports psychologist, free medical care, providing shoes and other training incentives for her upkeep and trainer who would ensure she and the other athletes improve on their performance
Madam Sara Asafu-adjaye hinted that Halutie has a strong self believe who does not allow anything to distract her and her expectation is that she can win Ghana a medal in the not too distant future.


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