Sense of patriotism is waning with crime assuming alarming proportions, morals of society are evaporating with the environment most hit, a situation disturbing the Sissala West Assembly especially the destruction to the environment.
‘The environment is not spared of the menace, climate change is real and the indiscriminate felling of trees both by rosewood merchants and bush burning for charcoal if not checked can aggravate the impact of climate change on agriculture production. District Chief Executive has appealed.
We are close to Burkina Faso where the desert is already showing negative implications to them, we need to watch them and change our behavior so that we can keep environmental resources for our children yet unborn to benefit from its resource. Let’s remind ourselves of the sacrifices of the former President to be patriotic citizen and protect the environment.
The DCE for Sissala west district Hon Mohammed Bakor has therefore called on the public to reduce acts of bush burning, cutting of trees for charcoal and the wanton harvest of rosewood, a situation he says all must stop if we want to escape what our neighbors are faced with, grappling with desertification.
Hon. Bakor was speaking during the 20th remembrance ceremony for the late President Dr. Hilla Limann in Gwollu last week. He called on all to eschew corruption, bushfires, educate ourselves to the highest level, this he said were the values former President Dr. Hilla Limann stood for.
‘In Dr. Limann the Sissala land and the people of Ghana found in a leader, a man of great intellect and courage’. His diplomatic and people centered style of governance has become a cherished attributes of our democracy and the fact that today our leaders are elected through the will of the people is testimony to the sacrifice of who he was’ Hon Bakor stated.
He praise the security for keeping the peace of the area and warned that anyone who disturbs the peace of the area will be swiftly picked by the security.


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