• RadfordFM on the Masie Breakfast show hosted two Americans and their wives who traced their ancestral home to the kanton family of Tumu who currently occupy the throne of the Tumu paramountcy headed by Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton, a member of the council of state.
    The many years of kelvin and Cecil kanton inspiration to find their ancestral roots finally got them in Tumu in 2018, the home of the Kanton’s in Ghana, This was after a first attempt by a cousin who studied their ancestral roots from the West Indies to Ghana in the 1980s, reached Kumasi and stopped after the political upheavals with the second attempt ending in Tamale with the late G.B.Kanton.
    Answering question on how they felt coming home the duo said;
    ” It represent the closing of the cycle, for this is home, we experience family, we don’t get to that, not many African-Americans get to know where their ancestral homes is, we would love to bring our children to see their ancestral home” Wife of Calvin (Carol) and Cecil (Lin ) says the feeling was one of power with embraces from everyone, there are just no words to express about how we feel”
    As people who found themselves in America through the Western servitude regime in Africa, Kelvin recounts the good about Africans that has unfairly been tainted in the perception of many in the West who keeps saying “watch out for the Black people because they might kill you”. When late Prof. Kofi Awoono told him his encounter in England in 1968 as he was warned to “watch out for Africans because they might eat you up”, this did not scare them.
    Kelvin said in his narration to RadfordFM when he came to Ghana in 1969, he walked up to a house where there was a mongo tree and knocked at the door to request for the beautiful mango fruits, the man told him the fruits belongs to God but take what you need and leave the rest for other people. The mere saying of this alone according Kelvin Kanton brought him tears and he got to realize that; “Africans have everything but they share everything”.
    “Ghanaians and Africans offer everything because we offer to a person who doesn’t have anything” he expressed whiles narrating the expedition that brought him and the twin brother Cecil Kanton from America to Tumu to find their root. They also hold the view kindness of Africans perhaps sent their forefathers to America as slaves.
    The late Professor Kofi Awoono and Mr. Martin Amidu the newly appointed Special Prosecutor of Ghana are individuals who helped them trace their roots. Professor Awoono according to the brothers introduced them to Ghana after they had struck acquaintance as pals at school whilst Mr. Martin Amidu once questioned Kelvin whilst he was doing some work in 1999 in Ghana and he asked if they had any relationship with the Kanton family from the North of Ghana, apart from what others said to me about his resemblance with the kantons on the street of Accra Kelvin revealed on RadfordFM.
    The next day Mr. Martin Amidu who was then the Deputy Attorney General connected Kelvin to the late G.B.Kanton in Tamale coupled with the DNA test (ancestry.com) I had done, which showed, we had relations in Ghana and with the Kantons, my heart relaxed when I finally met the family, ‘No matter what ancestry.com says, no matter what people say, I know I come from this area and there exist connection with the kanton family of Tumu. Kelvin said in the studios of RadfordFM.
    The twins have asked for the United States to accept responsibility for slave trade and accept the payment of reparations to be paid to Black people whose toil was used in building America, when asked, ‘I believe in reparations like is paid to Japan, Jews, why shouldn’t Black people from Africa?’. For the Black American community they should come to Africa and embrace the people, they will get the true feeling of their root. ‘Get out of the United States, be open minded and experience it’. The pair joined by their wives have suggested to Africans to keep their family intact and work for the family as a unit and stop being individualistic.


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