Tumu Senior High Technical School over the week end went to polls to elect a new prefectoral board ranging from senior prefect to House Prefects to take over from the final years who are starting their Mock Exams this week.
49 aspirants who were highly expectant of wining vied for only 24 vacant positions and the fortunes of some favored them when they won the elections. 797 students made up of first and second years participated in the elections to choose the preferred candidates to lead and represent them in administration and for campus development.
The senior prefect elect Bawisi Basher had no contender and was voted on Yes or No with 620 votes of yeses, however, the Girls Prefect Baluu Issah Khadija though emerged winner with 421 vote shared some votes with Babra Masuadon who had 368.
In an earlier interview with Radford News, the Senior and Girls prefect aspirants all expressed serious concerns about indiscipline in the school which they are going to be confronted with and are prepared to help teachers deal with. Tumu Senior High Technical School they said lacks many facilities and infrastructure which the elected prefects has assured to work hand in hand with school authorities to achieve for improved academic performance. The election was conducted in the national format to prepare and allow students learn to conduct themselves properly in any election they are to take part in near future as a civic duty. Mr.Muftaw Fasasi who conducted the election described it as free and fair and was happy the students conducted themselves properly and as well paid seriousness to it, however fewer records of spoiled ballots prompted him about the need to educate students more about voting to reduce avoidable errors that sometimes becomes a challenge in general elections.
He also explained that some of the students deliberately spoiled the votes because they either had no choices among the contestants or otherwise.


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