Ibrahim Nyilli is the Secretary of the Bujan area Council a few minutes ago he got attacked by  a pistol wielding man around the bridge close to Dimajang on the Navrongo Tumu highway and left with his bag.

The assemblyman of the area Hon.Samuel Gurimo in the company of a good Samaritan who found Ibrahim Nyilli in a gutter told RadfordFM ‘whilst he was coming to Tumu near Roger`s farm,he found a helpless man lying in a gutter,he decide to get closer and found out that it was Ibrahim the revenue collector who looked helplessly weak.

According to the victim,he was on his way to Tumu when he got to the bridge a man wearing a brown jacket crossed and forced him into the bridge where he fell into the gutter and injured his head,his attacker then pointed a pistol at him and collected the bag on his back and started running into the bush.

The good Samaritan brought him to the hospital and a report was made to the Tumu Police who have visited the scene and continuing with investigations.The public have been called to help with information whilst RadfordFM has broadcast the report of the attack and immediately made a number available for the public to share information for the Police.(0201744344/0249229917)

The Bujan area Council is the leading mobilizer of revenue to the Sissala East Assembly where under Ibrahim the area was given a brand new motorbike for their efforts in revenue mobilization .He is in stable condition according to the eyewitness but currently in a health facility in Tumu.



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