The magistrate Court in Tumu sitting on the case of Rahman Akati Halidu 21years old who stole a Haojian motorcycle and subsequently jumped cell has been sentenced to a two year jail term and 12 months for breaking cell to be served concurrently.

Passing the judgement, the Presiding judge, His Worship Salifu Ayagiba said he was convicting him on an account on his own plea of stealing the motorbike, citing numerous loss of motorbikes in the community, his earlier statements that he was a student of the University of Development Studies Nyankpala campus and Dungu was conflicting and the need to send a warning to all those contemplating stealing motorcycle in Tumu.

On the issue of breaking cell, the prosecutor, Sgt. Stephen Amoah explained to the court that the accused escaped through the main cell gate of the Police after the officers at the charge Office taught the accused was in the inner cell, to their surprise he was hiding in the shower of the first cell. At 2am, whilst the officers were watching TV and relaxing, the accused sneaked out and picked his clothes which were lying by the gate and run away.

Prosecutor Amoah added, he had Thirty Ghana Cedis in his clothes, slept at the Wa Tumu station and boarded the first Vehicle from Tumu to Wa at dawn. His worship in his conviction of Rahman for breaking from lawful custody stated the motor which is the subject matter has been retrieved and handed over to the owner but there was the need to send a strong warning to some young men from Wa who have employed agents in Tumu to steal motorbikes in the community.

His worship Salifu warned those who hide behind their ages to commit crimes would be dealt with when evidence is brought to the court about them. The mother of the convicted Rahman knelt and begged the court for mitigation of the sentence but the presiding judge said whilst he sympathizes with the mother stealing of motorbikes had become quiet rampant in the area and we all needed to be serious to prevent thieves from becoming unmerciful armed robbers.

The good Samaritan who memorized the number plate of the motorcycle as announced by RadfordFM on the day of the theft, told RadfordFM after the sentencing that he was happy that justice had been served and called on the public to be watchdog over the community.

RadfordFM cannot tell what will happen to the Police officers whose negligence led to the break of cell after his recapture and subsequent conviction.



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