A child protection drive, Ghanaians Against Child Abuse (GACA) which is a national crusade to protect every child in Ghana from abuse has been held in a community sensitization forum in Kong in Sissala East District on14-Feb-18 to create awareness of the peril involved in the act.

The campaign does not only create awareness but also seeks collaboration from stakeholders including parents to make auspicious efforts to educate children and as well provide safer and conducive environment for them to unearth their potentials for national development.

Being organized by the Center for National Culture in collaboration with UNICEF, the Upper West Regional Director  of Center foe National Culture Mr. Mark Dogbe charged parents, teachers and traditional leaders to be part of the solution to child abuse in Ghana. “You are going to be part of the solution to child abuse or you are going to be part of the problems of child abuse” he warned and emphasized that child abuse is a serious issue that needs to be addressed else it’s going to leave a mutilation on children both physically and psychologically.

“As a child, when you are abused, for many years that abuse is part of you, sometimes abuse can make somebody fearful for life” he stated. This preceded a drama that pictures an enthrallment of under age children who are supposed to be in school being engaged in economic activities and other forms of high level abuse and prompts for resilient actions to stem child abuse.

RadfordFM caught up with an interview with the Chief of Kong, Kuoro Zackariya Mahmud Savei, he expressed that GACA is a good initiative to tackle child abuse in the Northern part of the country though it is so common now. He however pledge to support the campaign to end child abuse which they have started earlier in their community by enacting a by-law to protect children especially the girl child from abuse.

GACA is led by the government with UNICEF and with support of the Global Affairs Canada, the Korea International co-operation Agency and the United State Agency for International Development.

By David Luri/radfordfmonline.com




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