Electricity has become a major promoter of both social and economic productivity and the demand for it unceasingly surges due to its domestic and industrial significance to society.

Whiles electricity is has become a core essential in the 21st century, residents of Tumu extensions who are without electricity do not feel secured as result of criminal activities which are perpetrated in the concealment of areas without electricity. Radford News on 10th February, 2018 interacted with some residents in the Extensions of Tumu and the demand for electricity was of first interest to them but the cost of acquiring materials to connect it to their homes deprives them even though they needed water too. However, the odd of the situation has created many fears for residents who said they compete with criminals for their animals and the other security challenges they faces. It’s not easy to stay in a place like this because that are a lot of things we need, we don’t have lights, we don’t have street lights and we can’t find kerosene and there are a lot of odd things happening here, one expressed. Some of the residents in TUCO EXTENSION expressed that the exceptional places with electricity have no street lights and makes it unsafe to move at night. They recalled that an incident occurred where a student of Tumu College of Education was recent attacked at night along the Tumu-Leo Road in an area without street lights. They are therefore appealing to authorities’ to aid them address the challenge.

By david luri/ MBS /


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