Mr. Luri Alhassan an octogenarian from Kulfuo and a former driver of the Sissala East assembly`s administration is complaining of neglect after his details were taken three (3) years ago to benefit from the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty LEAP in the Sissala East. Now recovering from stroke 3 years ago, Mr. Luri tells Radford FM as a former DCEs driver, he left his job as a driver out of anger following a decision to redeploy and assign him to the assembly’s farms years ago.
Also known as ‘Baluri,’ he went home without his benefits after 15 years of working. He remembers driving several Directors of the district in his days as a driver but now lives in abject poverty without help or support, not even LEAP or the disability fund which has been operational for years as a stroke patient who has been bed ridden for years, he has become a burden on his family yet his days of hard work has kept him alive till date. “He boast of having been brought up the hard way and this he attributes his ability to withstand the sickness too”. Sitting under the shear nut tree of Radford FM, Mr. Luri remembers the day of the attack of the stroke three years ago: “l fell in the bathroom and experienced a sudden seizure of all my right side of the body, I couldn’t talk nor eat for days, my family bath, fed and put me to sleep until I was brought to the hospital where I was treated and discharged”. On his ability to move and walk around still suffering from stroke, Mr. Luri says he started crawling around his house until he could stand and walk with the support of a bicycle. Mr. Luri Alhassan wants stroke victims to do regular exercise which has brought him far he stated. “ My Pastor told me stroke has no cure so I should exercise and now I can walk and ride my bicycle around.”
By: Mohammed Balu Salia
Radford FM 28-02-18


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