Despite underachievement has become part of Ghana’s history and is expected to no longer be part of our destiny, the aspiration for economic transformation cannot come through aid Hon. Karim Nanyua outlined whiles delivering the presidents 61st independence speech.
Aid was never meant to be what would bring us to a developed nation status though we have been on this trajectory for sixty years, it has not happened. Nobody needs to spell it out to us that the economic transformation we aspire to, will not come through aid.
He said the only nation we are destined to become is the one we choose and decide to be and therefore must not accept someone’s definition of Africa or Ghana. This requires a deliberate, qualitative change in all aspects of our lives especially in the structure of our economy, the state of infrastructure, the education of young people and acquisition of skills and above all, change in our altitude whilst holding firm to the values that defines us.
The DEC in the president’s speech emphasized that the state of our nation in truth does not bear out that we have natural endowments as in gold, bauxite, diamond, oil and so forth. Therefore poverty continues to be our lot amid mismanagement, corruption and high fiscal deficit that have become the hallmarks of Ghana’s economy which we finance through borrowing and aid. It is time to pursue a path to prosperity and self-respect for our nation. Therefore a Ghana beyond aid is a prosperous and self-confident Ghana that is in charge of its economic destiny.


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