Ten communities in the Sissala East District which are beneficiaries of government’s one village one dam policy were on the 9th and 10th of March 2018 sensitized and prepared to receive their dams.
A team led by the District Chief Executive Hon. Karim Nanyua comprising the Member of Parliament Hon. Ridwan Abass Dauda and the Upper West Regional coordinator for IPEP Mr. Amos Gyetuo and an assistant planning officer of the Assembly Suleman Mula dialogued with Chiefs and members of the various communities to come to agree on a land they like to release for construction of the dams.
The team also took coordinates of the valleys where the communities wants the dams cited for topological assessment before the construction begins. During the visit, Mr. Amos Gyetuo told the beneficiary communities about the conditions that will make it possible for the construction of the dams to take place, saying that none of the land should have issues of litigation.
Communities and land owners must also not prevent nearby communities and some individuals from using the facilities he advised. Meanwhile, as Africans and Northerners if any community have pacification to perform it must be done shortly before contractors come to cite he emphasized and urged the members of the communities to be united and ensure they use the dams wisely to get out of poverty.
The DCE Hon. Karim Nanyua reassured beneficiaries of the dams about governments commitment to deliver his promises, highlighting on free SHS policy, the fertilizer policy, planting for food and jobs which came to benefit the citizenry and then the one village one dam policy the about to start. Both the DCE and MP encouraged members of the communities to be prepared and take advantage of these government policies and programs. Parents were urged to educate their children once secondary education is now free and also farmers in the district should pay the remains of the planting for food and jobs investment before the farming season starts.


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