A team of Gelibaga personalities based in Tumu have mobilized themselves in Kulfuo led by the Mwanduanu Kuoro Alhaji Seidu Jakpa Atta the current overseer of the Welembelle Paramountcy joined by landlord of Kulfuo Banyina Amadu Nbeiche have led efforts mediation  efforts between Bugubelle and Welembelle meant to resolve tension between two brother communities.

After a visit to Kulfuo, Tasor, Welembelle and Bugubelle the Mwanduanu Kuoro, Alhaji Seidu spoke to RadfordFM after wrapping up reconciliatory visit to all four Gelibaga communities “Upon hearing the confrontation that erupted over a football match between Bugubelle and Welembelle I could not sleep until I came to Kulfuo, the eldest of the Gelibaga clan, where the landlord got elders from Kulfuo and Tasor and we moved to Welembelle where elders of the community accepted us. Initially we were afraid but when we got to Welembelle and presented the message from Kulfuo the elders, youth and the entire community parked to listen to the message received us wholeheartedly and I must appreciate them for that gesture”.

They listen to us and told us that once it’s coming from Kulfuo who are eldest in the clan we have no option than to accept whatever decision that they have reached for all of us he told RadfordFM

Kuoro Seidu added “I like to use this opportunity to restate that the Gelibaga community are now together and will declare that there is no tension among the brothers and calling on the public that what happened was a misunderstanding between two brothers”.

Alhaji Seidu Mwanduanu Kuoro, was thankful to the elders of Kulfuo, Tasor, Bugubelle and Welembelle and hope this unfortunate situation will bring lasting and durable peace to the Gelibaga community. Mwanduanu Kuoro extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Tumu Kuoro, Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton, and the President of the Regional House of Chiefs and a member of the Council of State for his initial call for peace among the brothers. Same was said of the Gwollu Kuoro, Kuoro Buktie Liman, Zini Kuoro, Kuoro Diyaka Sukabe and the other chiefs who took various steps to find a quick solution to the misunderstanding.

The District Chief Executive Hon. Karim Nanyua who was part of the mediation team told RadfordFM after addressing all the communities said that “there will be security presence in Bugubelle and Welembelle but reminded all that we are behind in terms of development calling on all to eschew violence and press for development instead of indulging in violence”. Hon. Karim Nanyua estimated that the cost of conflict could be too high for us to bear “The presence of the security will all now be a burden on the District Assembly hence the need for all of us to seek peace”. If the Bugubelle market is not patronized, it affects revenue mobilization and takes every body’s` time and resources I can tell you what we have lost in two days could have been used in providing infrastructure for us all to benefit he lamented. Hon Nanyua warned the youth to refrain from using the names of the communities to ferment trouble.

Few days ago a football match between Holy Child Basic School and Bugubelle Basic School meant to select players for the circuit ended abruptly when spectators run onto the field rioting after a goal had been scored by Holy Child School of Welembelle resulting into violence among them.Organiser of the football games, Ghana Education Service immediately stopped all the games in the circuit in view of the pitch invasion. An eye witness says some persons sustained injuries that evening. It took the intervention of the Police to avert a near conflict between the supporters of both communities. This called for the beefing up of security in the area as tension was mounting between the two sisters communities.

Unfortunately, the following day in the morning the two communities clashed again resulting in injuries to both sides and subsequent admitting of a few in the hospital. After this unfortunate act, a team of interested persons and the DCE moved in to seek a lasting solution to the impasse between the Gelibaga community members culminating in the peace deal that was secured by the mediation team. A member of the mediation team told RadfordFM “anyone who forment trouble would be charged by all four clan communities and be made to face the wrath of the Gods.

By Mohammed Balu

RadfordFM News Desk




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