Residents of Tumu happy about Municipal upgrade but expect more development



Residents of Tumu happy about Municipal upgrade but expect more development

Some residents of Tumu have welcomed the municipal upgrade of Sissala East District that is about to take place on the 15th March 2018 saying it is a good initiative. However they want improvement on roads, infrastructure, sanitation and creation of employment. It shouldn’t just be the name municipal, municipal and nothing happens, some expressed. This place has been the food basket of the region and therefore our roads must be improved on as well as sanitation.

According to those who spoke to RadfordFM, improvement in infrastructure should now be the order of the day, because as a municipal assembly, roads, institutions and other public places should be put in good conditions to enhance the interest and fascination of investors into the municipal assembly, fortunately, Tumu is located in a more strategic, reliable and serene environment for investment as for as Burkina Faso is handier, they stressed,

The road network thus the one linking this two countries Ghana and Burkinafaso should be made accessible for traders. Further on their opinions.Another person says Tumu to be upgraded into a municipal assembly will foster jobs creation for the youth, because, as an area develops that is how the opportunities come.

However, others argued that, for Tumu to become a municipal assembly there should be good roads, electricity and to curb the sanitation issue in the district by enforcing the laws for sanitation is a concern to all. Therefore in the argument, some remained optimistic that everything is a gradual process, and they are looking up to see more improvements in the future if Tumu is upgraded into a municipal assembly.

The request for municipal has been among the list of request annually made to central government by the Tumu traditional council during Paar-agbielle festival  and as its been granted alongside Lawra,Tumu and Jirapa in the Upper  West region, stakeholders will play their respective roles to ensure a smooth take off,


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