President Akufo Addo has been honoured for his loyalty and commitment in demonstrating to the people of Sissala an inclusiveness of his leadership as one who is concerned about the development needs of the people. The Tumu Kuoro, His Excellency Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton the VI gave the president a new name “Nandongtenge” which means a true and dependable friend. The chief did the president this honour and commended him for fulfilment his request on issues that are dear to him which includes freeing Radford FM a community base radio station from NCAs sanctions that deemed it for closure, the elevation of Sissala East Assembly to a Municipality that was witnessed last week thursday and the Sisaali language development which the president gave firm assurance to follow up with the university of education wieniba to get Sisaali written. He was again grateful to the president for delegating the minister for chieftaincy last year and the vice president for this year’s festival which Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton VI scored as a clear manifestation of Akufo Addo’s love and concern for the development of the Sissala area.
The chief however, appealed for a Nurse Assistant Preventive program also know as the community health nursing at the Tumu Midwifery Training College in Tumu to give opportunity for many more young people to be enrolled and the construction of a major bridge at the Cecili river to link the Sissala East Municipality to the Bulsa south district in the Upper East Region which will facilitate the carting of farm products to the sister region to boost trade and commerce. He also bemoans the indiscriminate felling of rosewood in the traditional area led by Chinese nationals that is facilitated by indigenes and calls for a stop to this activity. He expressed gratitude to farmers in his traditional area for gracing the Parigbielle festival to make it successful.


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