In efforts to change the declining outcomes of BECE performances which in the past has been recorded in Sissala East District, the Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Karim Nanyua has admonished children, parents and teachers to play a key role in ensuring that the trend changes.
Hon Nanyua said, all stakeholders especially Parents must ensure whatever they need to provide the children is put in place to avert failure this time round. “If you failed to play your role, you only blame your child for nothing when they fail the exams” he emphasizes. He stressed that “government pays teachers to teach, provide infrastructure and has now introduced free senior high school policy to ease the burden of parents but what is the contribution of parents to ensure that their children do not only pass but get good and better schools to attend’.
He said the computerized placement system places each child base on their performance in the category of classified groupings from A to D at the secondary schools and parents should do their best to get their wards go to best schools. Hon. Nanyua urged that apart from the little time children get engaged at school for learning, parents must also nurture children properly to prepare them for the future and avoid putting burden on them at home for household chores but give them the space to learn.
When you burden the child with too much work, they become tired and will not be able to learn he expressed. He also warned the children not think as if teachers and parents are forcing them to go to school but should realize the benefits of education if they successfully go through. You will not continue to be a child, so be serious and behave well to secure your future he told the children in Tumu East circuit schools.
The MCE further challenged teachers to do their best to these children pass this year’s BECE as he announced award schemes the Assembly will put in place to motivate performing schools and teachers and the best students in each circuit. Assistant director in charge of supervision Mr. Godfred Kenton explained that for past years, the observation has been that most children fail but tends to deceive parents to believe they have passed and are not favored by the system. He said if even a student fails and they push them to schools, they come out being worse as some unlike girls becomes pregnant and drops out of school at the secondary school level. The percentage marks from the last five years he presented to parents is not encouraging.


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