Some residence in the Sissala East municipal expressed their excitement during the annual Paara-Gbielle festival on 17th march, 2018. Those who spoke to Radford News team that their happiness towards this year Paara-Gbielle is much centered on the Vice Presidents of the republic of Ghana his Excellency Mahamudu Bawumia been present to grace the occasion, and others also said their excitement was borne out of the traditional dance that went on at the ground.
Others also said that they were very very much excited to see people eating raw goat and dog meat at the festival ground which tells them that people have not forgotten of their tradition and life of their forefathers and the ability to keep record of our traditional artefact towards such an awesome occasion.
Meanwhile, some are also of the view that next year Paara-Gbielle festival they would like the president himself to be here to grace the occasion and not the Vice President again. They were also of the view that the president has not forgotten of the people in the country especially Tumu by allowing his Vice President to come and celebrate the annual Paara-Gbielle festival with them in the Sissala land.
Speaking to RadfordFM News Desk a regular attendant of Paara-gbelle festival every year added that he is expecting something the committee will come out with and say “ it’s out of Paara-gbelle festival we are able to do this or its through Paara-gbelle we were able put out this project for the municipality,” he also concluded saying that, the committee should be able to raise their own funds towards the Paara-gbelle festival.
He appealed to the organizing committee to identify other sources of funding through cooperate Ghana which can help sustain it in the years to come


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