Owners of some chemical shops in Tumu has owed up to the abuse of Tramadol by some individuals who consumes it to boost sexual performance, increase working performance with less pain among other reasons.
They have otherwise distances themselves from claims that says owners of drug stalls sells Tramadol without prescription from recommended health professionals who have in-depth knowledge of its functions. Some of the chemical shops Radford News spoke to acknowledge that Tramadol intake is high among both young and old people and therefore call on stakeholders to intervene and step up with public education to save the lives of many who fall victims of the consequences of the abuse of Tramadol. One said that even if there are measures to control Tramadol intake, they can’t be prevented from selling it at their disposal.
RadfordFM later spoke with the Charmin of the chemical Sellers association who say that they have stopped honouring the purchase of the drugs from the shops without prescription and the ones on the market are a kind of tramadol that is not the actual one but fake ones with milligrams of 150 and 120 milligrams which are mostly sold by fake dealers.
Mr. Ahmed Hor added their members know the side effect of taken these drugs and would not sell to anybody and have appealed to the general public especially the youth to desist from consuming these drugs which could have side effect on them.


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