Delay in the release of allowance of some students is affecting academic performance of the affected students President of the SRC of the Tumu College of Education has therefore made a clarion call on the authorities to have it addressed.
The SRC president of Tumu College of Education Baharu James in a speech said some trainees of the school find it extremely difficult in accessing their allowances which is a very disturbing issue in the school,
According to him, “about five (5) students are victims of this condition in the college, and however, a lot of memos have been issued following this situation, but nothing is been done about it, “as I speak now some of my colleague trainees have not received their allowances up till now, per the situation some students details will be corrected in terms of their index numbers, names and even everything but after disbursing the allowance they cannot have access to theirs” he lamented.
Addressing this following the 10th annual SRC week celebration in the college auditorium on April 7, 2018, He appealed by calling on SSNIT and other agencies to faster things out to alleviate them from this persistent headache in the college.
Mr.James added that the toilet situation in the school is very bad forcing students to do open defecation more especially the ladies, the only toilet they have is very choked and also dangerous to visit it at night,they are appealing to the government and other philanthropists to help reduced this situation in the school.
The former SRC President of the college Ismail Issah Susoro Kaana also recommended the students for their vehement efforts in organizing this occasion. In a speech, he cautioned the students to be punctual in terms of school gatherings as trainee teachers. Mr. Kaana, noted particularly that, the college has been suffering from a lot of crises including water since time immemorial, nevertheless, during their reign of office they took numerous ways in addressing some of this handicaps in the school, therefore, it is paramount to continue in that aspect to help students focus much on their studies to enhance high academic glittering in the college as an ambition for him and his successor, he alluded.
General news Saturday, April 7, 2018
Source: radfordfmonline.com


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