Some residents in Tumu have explained that stray animals in recent times are serving as a huge challenge to them as they destroy their dust bins as well as pour their rubbish away at night and causing a lot of destruction, which has made life extremely unbearable for them as inhabitants in Tumu have been speaking to RADFORDFM working on a project with the Media Foundation for West Africa to enhance local governance.
The situation is making efforts at reducing poor sanitation in our homes a will be recall that these animals have crossed motor riders and vehicles on our major streets that have left many dead and scores more injured and nursing various degree of injuries.’’ There is a story of one person living in a community closer to Tumu who was runned over by a speeding donkey and now paralyzed.
According to Ahmed and others, in an interview today, these homeless animals’ makes the municipality dirty with feaces everywhere and makes it even more worrying for the residents when it rains. Apart from that they pour away heaped waste material and rubbish dustbins as well as end up breaking the dustbins with the intention of finding feed.
Donkeys, goats and pigs, create unnecessary holes and noise at night there by disturbing various neighborhoods in most parts of the municipality, An angry resident said the animals “also put their mouths inside containers with water and bowls in homes that are not gated which can lead to transfer of illness to humans.
Residents have therefore called on owners that it is imperative for the owners to fence or tie their vagrant animals to reduce disturbances that they pose to all of us, they added.
Miss Nabie Rukaya a resident in Tumu, established that, the animals indeed serves as a challenge to them, because is difficult drying cloths, and any time it rains the pigs come to make the place more dirty and tedious to sweep as well as making it very laborious to keep something out side. However, they appealed to the municipal assembly to impound some of these stray animals as the next step of eradicating homeless animals in the municipality.
An interview with the MCE Hon Karim Nanyua by RADAFORDFM has revealed plans by the assembly to constitute a task force next week who will deal with the process of ensuring owners of animal’s cage them or risk being arrested.
Earlier this year the assembly announced a timeline for owners of animals in the Tumu municipality to keep them away from roaming aimlessly on the streets and neighborhood but that announcement is yet to see its full action. This was necessitated by an earlier report of stray animals endangering lives of inhabitants which the DA says it was working on a draft to get members of the assembly to adopt.

CUE:(Voice of community members)


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