Liquid and solid waste may soon become a major challenge to confront the new Sissala East Municipal recently inaugurated if refuse dumping sites are not properly sited. Currently, refuse collected from homes, shops, workplaces and other parts of the township are dumped in many sites closer to the Tumu Township and endangering the lives of the inhabitants.
As part of Media Foundation Programme to improve local governance for the citizenry, the radio station is focusing on sanitation related stories meant to get local authorities to be accountable to the people hence the need for the this investigation that revealed the state of dumping sites in Tumu municipality.
Radford FM investigation shows several refuse dump sites appear to be growing in sizes at the entry points of the municipality and showing signs of developing on the Kupulima route closed to the public cemetery where the refuse dumped are left unburnt and spreading to farms and the nearby sprawling community, as to whether they are disinfected one cannot tell given the stench emanating from the sites.
On the Pulima-Tumu stretch just by the road close to the Oak international school is another refuse site seen on a gravel pit where medical waste and other solid and liquid waste material are discharged and left. Our latest checks reveals human excreta have also been dumped in addition to other waste material that have all not been burnt. The gravel pit connects through a valley where it all ends at the Tumu dam each time it rains.
Another has also been discovered in Tumu towards Bakwala just few miters from Rural Housing is another refuse dump site that is developing and this is also close to settlements of a human community.
It is estimated that if each person generates around 2.5liters of solid waste daily in Ghana, this means that our solid waste could fill up more than 70,000 or 14 cubic meter waste trucks each in most urban centers and now that rural communities are gaining peri-urban status, waste management grows with growth of population of people and if checks are not put in place it has the potential to pose not just as a health threat but cart away budgets of assemblies.
A Deputy Municipal Director of the Sissala East Mr. Dennis Bayuo is quoted to have said on RadfordFM last week discussing open defecation that the biggest problem and indeed one item that is taking all the IGF of most assemblies especially the Wa Municipal Assembly, is the waste generation and disposal and has therefore cautioned the Sissala East municipal to take steps to manage both solid and liquid waste before it begins to swallow the chunk of its income.
Tumu currently sits in the middle of all these dumping sites. What makes Tumu situation worrying is the location of the dump sites lying on the hilly and mountainous sections of the municipality whilst Tumu township sits in the middle low lying area and receiving the waste product of the dumped waste and sanitation materials located on five sites.
On the way to Kassena from the Tumu market is another dumping site that is also responsible for accepting waste of various proportions and more often left in an open space where curious children also go back to play with these waste materials. Each time it rains the waste from these sites finds its way back to the Tumu dam and other water bodies that are used by many adjoining communities.
Tumu to Chinchang is another site, so one is forced to ask why are there many dumping sites surrounding Tumu?
A visit to the refuse dumps reveals different types of animals goats, cattle,sheep, donkeys, pigs and scavengers that have turned the sites to feeding grounds. Other persons who make use of disposed metal material including polythenes told RadfordFM “they collect these materials and bring them back to the community ostensibly for recycling and only God knows what is brought back to our homes.
Domestic use of the Tumu dam and other commercial usage all stands to spread water borne diseases as most of the dumping sites still traces their root into the Tumu dam which scores of hundreds of the inhabitants depends on. Until a designated single site is identified for as waste disposal site for the Tumu municipality, the life of the inhabitants may be affected apart from becoming a headache for the Tumu municipality to manage.
Environmental health Officer of the Municipal assembly Mr Ebenezer Tankuur says there is only one compact machine which for waste collection is broken down making waste collection and dumping a problem for the community, there is also no enough of the containers meant for waste collection at homes whilst many waste generated at homes are poured out by the home owners anywhere in the municipality.
Officials of the Tumu hospital have warned care must be taken in the disposal of waste material as it can cause health hazards for us all.
“It’s the Leo road we have earmarked for dumping and I am not aware they have dumped fecal matter on the Tumu Pulima road and asked the journalist David Luri” you have to help me identify who did that’’Mr. Ebenezer lamented on RadfordFM.
Isaac Bakuoro of Urban Waste stated to RadfordFM that “as a municipality we are supposed to have a single place to dump waste but currently
“We have three locations, Leo road, Kassana and Pulima road where contractors have excavated the area and they are now the place that we use to dump waste.”Mr. Isaac added the Assembly is yet to get a permanent site, until then that is where we dump.
The officers have also indicated that there are plans to mark out a specific place to dump waste.


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