The 2012 parliamentary candidate who is now the deputy minister of the upper west region, Hon. Amidu Chinnia Isaahaku was responding to questions on the next generation program on Radford FM Sunday afternoon on his profile as a politician. Speaking on the issues, the acting Regional Minister recounted his early life as a teacher and later contesting as a parliamentary candidate in 2012 elections and losing to the NDC parliamentary candidate.
Hon. Alijata Sulemana Gbentie, he recounted when he was at the college and had interest in politics where he made a choice by comparing the various political parties we have in Ghana. “He believes in the philosophy and ideals of the NPP and decided to join the party where he became the party’s constituency secretary and later resign to contest for the 2012 primaries. After the elections he lost to Hon. Sulemana Alijata, when ask as to how he feels after losing the elections. He said, he took it normal base on the fact that elections are like two sides of the coin, either you win or lose.
His friends motivated till date, and that never ended the story. He contested for the 2016 constituency primaries on the ticket of NPP with his contends Hon. Abass Ridwan Dauda, the incumbent Member of Parliament for Sissala East municipal. But Amidu Chinnia have the conviction that he will one day go to the top since he has served the party ever since he became the party’s constituency secretary in 2001.
His appointment as a deputy minister is a blessing to him and how far God has brought him. He thanked God for what he has done for him. I asked him whether he still have the intentions to contest for the upcoming primaries, where he emphatically stated that, is still early to declare his intentions to contest, but the future will determine his decision on that matter. Also responding to questions on rosewood.
He actually said, rosewood has brought a very big problem that we facing as a people. But he had the opportunity to meet the forestry commissioner and the board chairman about the situation and told them that, there is no laying wood anywhere. In response to the deputy minister’s complaint, the commissioner attributed the situation to people saying that, there are a good number of tones of rosewood and the needed permits to salvage rosewood, but instead they come to cut fresh wood which is illegal.
But, there is going to be positive action on rosewood he promised. He took the opportunity to advice the youth to be patient and work hard for the saying goes “hard work pays” and take the opportunity to highlight some of the government flagship programs towards reducing unemployment among young people in the region. One of the programs was the planting for food and jobs which comes with government subsidy on fertilizer, this will help the youth take advantage and engage in Agriculture he noted. The next generation is weekly programme aired on every Sunday on youth based issues hosted by Rasheed Bakuna Salifu.


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