Residents in Tumu wants an abandoned Market project completed and used for economic purposes and as well have its land well demarcated to deter encroachment as already there’s alleged encroachment going on at the place.
The project was nearing completion almost at roofing stage and work on it quietly halted around 2006 up till now with no sign of continuation of work. The residents said that the facility now looks like a forest as trees has grown within and around environs of the Market that makes it a host for defecation they described.
Residents described the Tumu market structure as very bad which was left idle for a long time making the building showing signs of deteriorating whilst nothing is been done about this project, residents added that even the land demarcated for this jubilee market especially the center is very scanty and people are still building house besides it, which should have not been the case, because a lot of stuffs are going to be amalgamated in the market, therefore, a mammoth portion should have been earmarked for the venture, they alluded.
In an interview with Radford News, some of the residents were of the opinion that, “if the development cannot carry on as a market then a different approach should be initiated, however, to them turning it into a lorry station which would have been a salient idea, because in Tumu the lorry stations are far spread from each other which is not the best, so bringing all the vehicles at one jurisdiction will be the best way to go as a municipality”.
“Some further suggested that, converting and renovating the project into hostels for visitors more especially the teacher trainees or the midwifery students would also help to boost infrastructural challenge in the municipality”.
Lastly, allowing the project dormant and ideal will continue to motivate people to leave their latrines and visit the site to defecate as well as do other bad things in the buildings things like smoking and killing of goats as said by one resident who leaves close to the abandoned facility. Many wish that the stalled project from the tax payers’ money is put into good use and not allow to waste away.

The whole of Tumu resort to the facility to ease themselves they alleged and suggested that if it can’t be used as market, rather it should be converted to suit other development needs.
The assembly member for the Kusinjan electoral area and the presiding member for the Sissala East municipal assembly Hon.Jebunmie Tohari Luri has told Radford FM the need for the project to be completed or the authorities use the structure for something else.
The Media foundation for West Africa, Radford FM and the Sissala East Municipality under its local governance project is currently engaging stakeholders towards ensuring abandoned government projects such as the jubilee Tumu market and the Diglafouro market shed is completed or put to another use for the community.


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