The Tumu market can best be described as a ‘shed’ used for buying and selling rather than a market deserving of Tumu. It’s also currently crowded with no space for market revelers and without stalls but only shed which makes difficult for anybody to keep any property under a lock, this makes it old and archaic.
It was for this and many reasons that the jubilee market started in 2006 was a standard and a modern market that contained several stalls for all category of business persons. Mr. Godfrey Baveru Kanton who was the assembly member for the Kusunjang area and the Presiding member of the Sissala East assembly has emphasized the need for the abandoned Tumu jubilee market to be completed if the authorities can get resources. Its completion Godfrey argued would not only improve revenue collection to the assembly but a modern market structure that will befit the status of the Sissala east municipality.
The new market will provide enough space and stalls for the traders beside the roads portions that have been provided for providing easier movement of vehicles and pedestrians as compared to the old Tumu market which is without space and proper shops for business persons to sit sell and keep safe their property. ‘If the market had been completed, shoppers and sellers could have done business any other day rather than the market and this could have promoted and increase income to the assembly apart from the opportunity to organize all sellers according to what and where in the market as opposed to the old one where everyone sits anywhere ’ Mr. Godfrey expressed.
Mr. Henry Barson on Radford FM pointed out that there was the need to get Tumu a new market giving the fast nature of growth of the municipality by asking authorities to make efforts to complete the planned market or turn it into an institution of learning if possible. “The market he added is currently crowded and has no space for expansion apart from it being old fashioned with limited space for buyers he told host of Masie breakfast show Thursday but says we can simulate what Wa residents have done with old Wa market as animals market.
Mr. Godfrey who appeared on the Masie Breakfast show insisted that the project to build Tumu a new market was well deserving and was full of praise to the contractors Mr. Clement Luri and late Mr. Adams for their initial commitment to the course to build a brand new market for Tumu. He has therefore urged leadership to push for the completion of the jubilee market as a means towards reversing the current focus by Ghanaians in Tumu and Techiman to send their goods to Leo in Burkina Faso and sell at any price to the counterpart.
The old Tumu market after the completion of the new one could be used as grains and animal market rather than the current congested existing market structure.
The state of the current Tumu market have been prompted by the Media Foundation for west Africa local governance programme with local authorities pursuing alternatives to get the jubilee Tumu market complete or use for other purposes. Under the project Radford FM is working on four issues including advocating against open defecation, stopping stray animals, working to reduce effect of fluoride in water systems in Taffiasi, linking Kowie Nursing mothers to erect a pavilion and the pushing for use of uncompleted market structure meant to bring about change in the area.

By Mohammed Balu.S/Radfordfm
19th April, 2018


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