Quoting the Banu Chief after the Municipal Chief Executive sounded the alarm bells that suspected illegal mining activities are ongoing in some communities in the area and this is what he told RadfordFM
“ Some hunters from Pieng, one evening after they returned from their hunting activities came to greet me and informed me about their intention to mine a rock suspected to have sparkles of gold. I told them we didn’t need any illegal mining activity in our area, as a result, we earlier turned away one mining company Randgold. However, I later heard this activity is ongoing and when I questioned the hunters and they told me it wasn’t true, they are practicing illegal mining the paramount Chief of Banu Traditional area Pio Sumaila Yakubu told Municipal Chief executive for Sissala East Hon. Karim Nanyua. The Chief laments that some people crave for money without being mindful of the dangers involved, which is a reason why such activities persist and charge the MCE to consider intensifying and ensure the activity is stopped if it is practiced.
The MCE was firm to remind the chiefs of governments stand in the fight against galamsey as he warned them about operation Vanguard task force readiness to clamp down on all illegal mining activities in the country. He told the chiefs to caution anyone involved in the activity to stop before to team arrives. He emphasized on the dangers the activity poses to human live through water pollution and environmental degradation.
The Banu paramountcy communities have been said though unconfirmed by RadfordFM to be having large mineral deposits that are attracting many to try their hands on.


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