Residents of Taffiasi in the Sissala East Municipal for almost a decade have suffered discoloration of their teeth with no exception to any age group in the community. This, according to the Chief Kuoro Solomon Bachungachin and members of the community have traces from the use of water from some two old boreholes sunk years ago which all residents drink from.
In a community durbar sponsored by Media foundation for West Africa, Radford FM held with the community Friday 20th April to find out the reality about the problem of the decay teeth in all ages, Kuoro Bachungachin Solomon admitted is was true the source of water they drink from contributes even though experts have not yet confirmed to them the results of samples taken from the boreholes to test for Fluoride presence. One of the test, the Chief disclosed was carried out by the Ghana Health Service when Media Foundation For West Africa visited the community about three years ago whose result is pending.

During the durbar the Manager of the Community Water and Sanitation Unit in Tumu Mr. James Dogoli said that the presence of the mineral is not only in this community but common in Bongo, Sombo,Gushiegu as well as other communities and explained the processes that causes fluoride Mineral to dissolve into water may come from rocks which also involves some materials used during drilling of boreholes. He said that too much of it in water causes teeth discoloration and sometimes affects ones spinal cord when one grows old with high intake of the fluoride.
Mr Dogoli James picked sample of water of all five boreholes in the community to Wa for analysis in other to find out the exact level of fluoride concentration for advice but appealed to communities digging their own boreholes to seek professional advice to ensure the right test is done.

In an address by the manager of Radford FM Mr. Mohammed Balu Salia, he outlined four main issues of concern Media Foundation for West Africa and Radford FM wants addressed in the Sissala East Municipality that includes open defecation, completion of abandoned market projects, confinement of stray animals and to find a lasting solution to the discoloration of teeth in Tafiasi . He urged the members of the community to build latrines and as well ensure to keep their animals from the streets as that can help them better manage them for income.


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