Newly elected Youth Organizer of the NPP has reaffirmed the promises made by the Regional Chairman of the party in the Upper West that Mr.S.B. Kangberee would not only build constituency offices for all eleven constituencies in the region, but provide Urvan buses to each of the constituency including a special account for the executives to run the party.
The next most important thing is to care for the youth who brought us onto power to ensure they get some jobs to engage in.
Bosco Luri Tia told RadfordFM Tuesday morning on the Masie Breakfast Show, he relocated to Wa from Accra when he planned to join the regional executives and this made it easier for him as he was able to interact with delegates and other party members who are mostly based in Wa or from towns closer to Wa.
‘You cannot want to be a leader of the region and stay outside’.
Bosco Luri Tia intimated that he would soon leave for Accra to engage leadership of the party in fighting the course of the youth of the region who needs jobs and other services. When I came down I contacted a lot of people some said I could not do it but I told them I have come to contest to win. If you don’t stay in Wa, it’s not easy to participate in effective elections “our side seven out of ten won and that tells you how prepared we are.
Bosco told the host that new Chairman intends to resource the party and would work with all the teeming supporters of the party. On how he intends to support the youth, Bosco said he would be available for the youth of the region by safe guarding their interest as their youth organizer.

By Mohammed Balu
Radford News Desk


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