As the world marks Malaria day today, the day was likewise observed in Tumu by Radford FM and the Ghana Health Service in the Sissala East Municipal on the world’s theme “Ready to Beat Malaria”. The celebration came with calls from health professionals for both practitioners and the world to adopt behaviors which will prevent the continues breeding of mosquitoes in our homes and environments where they hide to spread the disease and as well adhere to the country diagnosis protocols.
This is because in spite of the education carried out with the distribution of nets, people still have excuses for non-usage of the nets and other challenges that hinders efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria.
In a welcome address by the Manager of Radford FM Mr. Mohammed Balu Salia, he mentioned that it was necessary, such an event took place to communicate to the world the need to reduce malaria prevalence. Being launched by Antoinette Gada an Assistant Director of Sissala East Municipal Assembly, she encouraged people to use their long lasting insecticide treated nets to prevent malaria.
The celebration is to ensure relevant information about the disease is shared so that the population would understand and help prevent malaria, a disease control officer of the Municipality Nyuasun Saani mentioned. He emphasized that preventive health is the order of the day as World Health Organisation is doing everything possible to make sure countries that are members adopts preventive health strategies that can be enforced to reduce disease burden on people are reduced including malaria. Dr. Desmond Oppong of Virtue Hospital expressed that it is painful malaria caused a lot of death even though it is preventable. It is preventable in the sense that we know the cause compared to those days when it wasn’t so and lots of people, including the vulnerable, pregnant adult females and children dies out of the disease. Nevertheless, the same cannot be said of today he explained and cautioned that malaria is a simple disease but if it is allowed to progress that is where the complications comes.
The event was organized through the sterling performanace of RadfordFM by the management through Emmanuella Lieku and the staff .Miss Noella who is the Sales promotion Officer at RadfordFM got an applause from the management for bracing the odd to organize the event,She is a young woman who envisioned the need to engage people to all change positively from lifestyles that foster the breeding of mosquitoes in homes, which contributes to faster spread of malaria and as well embrace the preventive measures put in place. It was sponsored by Virtue Medical Hospital, Nii Mong lodge, Hill Top, Mahama and Koffo drugs stalls and Saha Home Touch eatery.


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