Kouro Basavei Zakariah IV who served as the chairman during the celebration of the Buwa festival this year in a speech launched that, real development is anticipated if there is peace and tranquility in an area, “therefore, I want to emphased on this again that for any genuine and sustainable development to take place, there is the need for peace and harmony” this, according to Kouro Basavei, there is the need for people who live in an area to co-exist peacefully and also cautioned the people of the Zini area to vehemently guide the absolute peace that, the area is enjoying. Adding that, it is therefore relevant to assist the paramount chief of the Buwa area to bring real sustainable development to the people of the area. Hon. Moses Luri also speaking on theme “consolidating peace, unity and development through culture; the role of stakeholders”, expressed that, with peace people can get united and united there is strength, however, according to Hon. Moses peace can be used to attain positive results and can also be used to obtain negative results, therefore, “we are all aware that in Buwa everybody is united, but we are calling on unity, the unity that will bring development, the unity that will bring progress not the unity that will bring negativity, and people of Buwa are peace loving and will like to collaborate with agencies in the field of peace”, he said. The DCE of Sissala West also speaking on the theme established that, it is very appropriate in the wake of current threats of disputes across the district, adding that, peace and sustainable development complement and mutually reinforce each other whiles culture emerges as essential factor for both sustainable development and lasting peace. He stressed that to include the role of stiff socio-economic development, environmental sustainability, peace and security is currently brooding in culture, and culture informs and influence people`s relations, to sustainable development, conflicts and reconciliation, which determines and create paves for lasting conflict resolutions and healings. Therefore, according to him, the celebration of this festival is very vital in promoting peace and unity among the people of the area, which will bring sustainable development to the Buwa area.


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