The Sissala West District Chief Executive Hon. Zakariah Mohammed Bakor, speaking at this year`s celebration of the Buwala festival at Zini with the theme; “Consolidating Peace, Unity and Development Through Culture: The Role of Stakeholders” in the Upper West Region, said, “the success of our plans and aspirations depends on our ability to educate our young people” for the reason that, education forms the key to the prosperous and happy Ghana, which everybody want and deserve, this, according to him, in fulfilling this dream the NPP government rolled out the free secondary education programme, therefore, the collaboration of all it will be another success of the government in the country. Hon. Mohammed Bakor added that, in order to achieve the aim of educating the young people in the Zini area, the district assembly in collaboration with the regional coordination council had taken measures in completing the community day SHS base in Zini of the Sissala West District to give opportunity for the youth to acquaint themselves with good as well as free education which will eventually bring success to the district consequently.
Date: May 15, 2018
By: Radford FM Tumu, UWR.


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