As part of plans to reduce pregnancy related disorders, some midwives trainees educating women on the theme; “Save Motherhood: The Role of a Student Midwife” following this year`s SRC celebration of the Tumu Midwife Training School, have expressed on RadfordFM that visiting a medical facility is very imperative for every pregnant women.
This will help to ascertain necessary information about the pregnant woman which will aid in the kind of attention that should be given, for this reason, if a pregnant woman attends the hospital for the first time her details have to be booked for instance, her name, family address, where she comes from, diseases in her family, her weight, height, temperature and many more, this, according to them, will facilitate easier attention in subsequent meetings,this will ensure quick and easier health attention.
Its therefore vital to have records of pregnant women taken in order for her to be given the medical attention that she deserves. Speaking on Radford FM Miss Nuhu Fatimah and Seidu Fedilatu with Babini Lukman of Radford FM yesterday.The students nurses added its it’s almost compulsory to deliver in the hospital but is more convenient as compared to the house, because at home the might not be a traditional birth attendant and which however comes with a lot of complications during delivering, whilest, in the hospital, the person will be in the hands of skilled medical personnel, like the doctor, midwife and many more, which will ensure safety of both the mother and the child,.
Madam Fedilatu also stressed that, if a woman delivers in the house is very safe for the person to visit hospital for proper medical care, because after delivering, there are so many difficult things to be undertaken, so if a not properly done it will affect both the mother and the child, for instance, cutting of the umbilical cord and many more. Madam Seidu Fedilatu, ended that, it is relevant for a woman to practice family planning, as it assist in reducing family sizes, financial constraints, and proper attention for the already delivered child and so on, therefore, family planning is very salient for every mother, she indicated.


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