The Municipal Chief Executive of the Sissala East Municipality speaking today during the first ordinary meeting of the Sissala East Municipal Assembly said “planting for food and jobs is launched with the aim of increasing productivity and reducing poverty among the farming communities of Ghana”.
Adding that, the municipal director of agriculture ventured into collecting last year`s debts of farmers on this programme and it proved futile has he is able to recover only Gh₵42,234.99p out of Gh₵1, 889,303.75p as cost of inputs supplied to farmers in the 2017 farming season representing 22.24% of the outstanding 50% recovered from farmers. Hon. Karim Nanyua explained that, if this is how farmers portray for the interventions then it is a risky and a disaster, this, according to him, “honorable members, from the above mathematics, I want to assure you that the recovering for 2017 is not a much , so, please all honorable members lets us all do honorable things by making sure that all beneficiaries that come under your leadership pay this remaining money to qualify them benefit from the second phase”. Hon. Nanyua stressed that, therefore let`s reframe our minds towards government undertakings,
“if not governments will come and go and Ghana will forever remain unchanged” therefore, nobody is working for a political party but rather for this country, that is why a party symbol or sign is not used to give it national identity, so it’s better to be patriotic to our country and work hard for it`s progress. Hon. Karim stated that, the next phase of the planting for food and jobs for the2018 farming season is implemented with guidelines from the ministry of agriculture for the supply of subsidized improved seeds and fertilizers, he continued that, first of all, fertilizer coupons for the various types of fertilizers will be printed, each Region, District and Municipality will have its own unique serial numbers on the coupons, the coupons will have very strong features to prevent counterfeiting, and the coupons will also have information such as, amount, type of products, name of farmer, date issued and name of fertilizer company,
secondly the coupon will be distributed to all Regions, Districts and Municipalities across the country, thirdly, all coupons will be stamped by the Municipal Director of Agriculture, fourthly, specific quantities will be given to all Agricultural Extension Agents, fifth point, all Agricultural Extension Agents will distribute the coupons to farmers within the catchment areas, sixth point, the Agricultural Extension Agents will keep records of the list farmers to beneficiaries the coupons have been issued to, seventh point, farmers will add cash equal to the amount indicated on the coupon to purchase fertilizer or seed from any agro-input shop, eighth point, the agro-input shops will keep record of the coupon and a list of farmers who will purchase fertilizer or seeds from their shops and at the end of the month all sales outlets will send their coupons to the fertilizer companies, the coupons will be aggregated by the fertilizer companies and submitted to the director of crops service for procession, auditing and payment. Hon. Karim Nanyua in his speech during the meeting also touched on the planting for exports and rural development which he said, is basically centered on cashew plantation and other exportable crops as one of the government flagship programmes to help farmers, therefore the municipal director of agriculture is currently registering interested farmers, so, all farmers should take advantage and register for this project.
Date: May 18, 2018
By: BAF/


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