After many days of waiting for the rain, it`s visit yesterday in the night in the Sissala East and West was accompanied by heavy winds that destroyed several homes and properties which will cost thousands of Cedis to restore.

In Sissala West, homes had their zinc removed whilst the main mosque of the Sorbelle community was razed down. In the Sissala East Municipality affected places included Tutco demonstration basic school, electricity poles and several homes. Many owners of homes were this morning engaged in either waiting on artisans to have their affected abode fixed whilst the temporary disruption in electricity supply affected the earlier reroofing of dozens homes as carpenters had hard time getting the saw mills working.

Below is a Radford FM’s report about the situation of the Sorbelle Mosque:

Yesterday rainstorm has affected a lot of properties in the Sissala area precisely Sissala East and west towns. The rains that started around 7: pm lasted for almost two hours and left many homes roof ripped off including the main mosque of the Sorbelle community where prayers are performed.

The roof of the entire mosque has been removed leaving the walls with deep cracks and now at the mercy of the weather. It had not rained for the most part of the month of June where most crops are planted and thus made the numerous farmers highly expectant. Some of the Muslims in Sorbelle particularly the Nayimi, second in command to the Imam, Alhaji Issah has appealed to his excellency the Vice president Alhaji Mahmoud Bawumia to come to their aid after he recalls praying with him during the 2016 elections where he promised to help the sorbelle community with a mosque if he wins the election with his party the NPP.

In their view, this would be a good time for him to deliver the promise he made to the people as the state of the destruction to the mosque would not allow them to immediately put it back.

Some of the NPP members RadfordFM spoke to said there would be happy to see the promise redeemed.

According to the Muslims in the community, they could not hold prayers in the mosque this dawn as the whole mosque was flooded with water and all mats soaked including other reading materials.

The Sorbelle mosque according Alhaji Issah was built around 2004 with resource raised from the Muslim in the community with support from other benevolent persons. The leadership of the community are asking for support to have the mosque built for the community.

Sorbelle is one of the largest community in the Sissala West district with a population of over four thousand inhabitants who are largely Muslims. Some members of the community earlier in the day through RadfordFM launched an appeal towards a mosque project. The DCE for the area Hon. Mohammed Bakor was in the community to assess the cause of damage done by the storm.

Their appeal is contained in the amateur video attached :



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