Gwollu FM 91.7MhZ, a radio station in Gwollu in the Sissala West District of the upper west was on Tuesday night on the 26th of June 2018 has had it mask brought down by rainstorm when heavy down pour of rains hit almost the whole part of the district that day.

Wet stored parked food for Hilla Liman Senior High school, destruction to properties and others could cost an estimated Three Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis, an assessment of level of destruction has revealed according to RadfordFM.,

According to Hudu Muah’s Facebook post, a resident of the district who accompanied the District Chief executive yesterday to the scene revealed that the whole mast was brought down by the rainstorm which also affected some walls closer to it. In an interview on the Masie Breakfast Show Thursday morning he said “the Gwollu FM mask that gives information to the public was also brought down and also spoiled part of the fence around the station.

He also added per their estimation, an amount of over Fifty Thousand Ghana Cedis would be needed to replace with a new mast before transmission can start again but another source from the Sissala West assembly put cost of destruction around Three Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis which includes schools and other properties.

It is sad that this incident has happen but because of the ineffective network coverage we would not able to know the extent of damage to the whole district. Mr. Hudu Muah added but also cautioned resident to cut down and re-direct all trees that are closer to buildings to prevent further disaster in the future.

A caretaker staff of the station Mubareek told RadfordFM Masie Breakfast Show his attention was drawn to the disaster the next day by the security man at post and when he got there he saw the mast lying down suggesting the wind must have been heavier to have pushed it down through the base of the tower, attempt he says are being made to talk to the engineers to determine what will be done but assured all listeners that in no too long, the station shall be back.

The District Chief Executive of the Sissala West district Hon. Mohammed Bakor stated that the level of destruction in the District was huge and very terrible. He mentioned that the Gwollu FM mast that was also brought down was badly affected that and due to that the station is unable to transmit for the mean time. He added that whatever that the assembly is supposed to do in order to make the place work again that would be done to bring it back to work.



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