Winner of the presidential pitch organize by the government of Ghana under the Business development initiative Vanessa Aisha Limann in an interview with RadfordFM News at 5 stated that it was her mother who sent the information about the business pitch competition proposal announce by the ministry to her via whatSapp.

It is observed that most youth of this days use the internet to share pornographic messages and videos as well as using to dupe people of their money by indulging in cybercrime rather than using it to the benefit of themselves and their societies.

Vanessa Aisha Liman,19 years stated that the internet has in stock a lot of good stuff that could be used to better the lives of people , she said it is the internet that she uses to learn about the importance and relevance of cereals and other stuff that are related to her business the VANALIN Enterprise. She advice the youth to utilize the natural resource that are in abundant in the land very well to create their own employment and not wait on government to provide them employment all the time.

Vanessa Aisha Limann also mentioned that it is through experiences of participating in trade fares that she learnt various different ways of growing her business which started last year,she also revealed that she owed everything to her mother for training her into the business, she said after Senior High School last year, her mother started introducing the business by letting her to sell the products she sells.

She revealed that she intends to produce her own products in the Sissala west district, Gwollu where she hails from to help create employment and also prevent post-harvest losses that is increasing in this part of the district. She said it is her intention to employ about ten people for the beginning but she added that if the business is doing well she intend to employ about hundreds of people in the near future she told RADFORDFM News at 5 Tuesday evening. Vanasseh says she competed with over two thousand participants with her thirteen page proposal which she used just two minutes to pitch before a gathering of the president of the republic and other government officials. The products she added are food processed mainly from cereals for children and the aged in our society and hope to add millet as part of her food stock.

Vanasseh Limann is the daughter of the paramount chief of the Gwollu traditional area who is a secondary school graduate hoping to pursue tertiary education later.



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