Communal waste container in Tumu Nyaminjan abandoned by Zoomlion


A communal waste container placed in Nyaminjan and labelled Nyaminjan No2 has been abandoned by Zoomlion for more than a month when it got filled with waste. It’s location is in a water log, has excess waste on the ground in a feculent state and very close to residential buildings around lat Peter’s house. Some residents who are confronted with the situation told RADFORD NEWS that around the end of July to August, the container got full but when the Zoomlion truck went to pick it, the driver returned without picking the container and also offered no explanation. The residents said they find it difficult to cook food within surroundings except inside living rooms as some leave in single room apartments. Whiles the waste container is full, others still find means to drop waste on the bare ground and that creates some conflict among residents. Madam Katherine whose window is four foot steps away from the waste container explained. A similar situation was sighted behind Nurses quarters but it rather have more waste on the ground than what is in the communal waste container.
However, the Manager of Urban Waste Mr. Isaac Bakuoru said the Nyaminjan situation came to being because of the rains and there’s no alternative until the rains are over. He said many other waste containers in Tumu are full, one at Stadium area, another at Digelafuro and other places which as a results led the breakdown of their vehicle. Mr. Isaac explained that when the container behind nurses quarters was full, he asked that they bring waste down because the truck couldn’t lift it but after the waste was brought down, the truck developed a fault.
David Luri Radford Fm.


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