Drains Will Minimize Erosion in TUMU Eng. ANGMOR CEPHAS TEYE


From the observance that some parts of Tumu Town are seriously eroded to the level where it is becoming a risk for residential buildings and route users, Drains are needed to prevent further occurrence Eng. Angmor Cephas Teye advised. The Municipal Works Engineer told RADFORD NEWS they have observed that as a result of the rains, erosion is occurring in parts of Tumu, however the vegetation is non-existing to help reduce speed of water especially poor grassing in affected areas. Eng. Angmor Cephas Teye has disclosed that there are plans to construct drains in TUMU town but it may not be now and therefore urge occupants of buildings should construct drains around their buildings to help check erosion.

David Luri: Radford FM


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