Woman pardoned with caution by court for assaulting 3 year child in TUMU


A 23 year old woman who is proven beyond doubt by police investigation for assaulting her husband’s first wife 3 year old girl has been pardoned by Tumu District Court because of her 2 months pregnancy with a caution and a fine of Ghc1,200.

According to prosecution, school authorities of the child noticed the three year girl’s inability to concentrate in class with further checks revealing fracture and traces of torture on her body and thereby reported to the police on the 5th September 2018.

A medical form was afterwards issued by the police for the girl to be sent to the hospital for examination and an X-Ray results proved that the child was assaulted by her step Mother Alija Luri who is taking care of her when the Mother left her behind.

As confirmed by the girl’s Father before the court (name withheld), the girl’s mother left her behind and went to a funeral but never returned, therefore he gave the girl to the second wife Alija to take care of and the unfortunate thing happened even though the father further gave excuses for the fracture and scares on the child.

The magistrate Salifu A. Buguri who presided over the case was so displeased about the woman’s action but pardoned her since she bares two months pregnancy. He however charged the father of the little girl to leave her with the grandmother and provide all necessities the child needs else the court will send her to social welfare to take care of the child.


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