120 persons with disabilities receives support from Sissala West Assembly


The Sissala West Assembly has given support to 120 persons living with disabilities with items according to each beneficiary’s need through the Disability Common Fund.
The equipment and items distributed ranged from wheelchairs and walking aids, a motorbike, barbering kits, tools for masonry and carpentry. The others includes tools for tractor mechanics and cash amounts to other beneficiaries among whom are 56 females and 64 males constituting the first badge of beneficiaries.
Some of the disabled persons had mobile money business open for them whiles others received animals for rearing as another group had already been supported to produce food crops, receiving fertilizer and weedicides initially.
At the distribution yesterday in Gwollu, the director of social welfare Mr wuhor Osman disclosed to the media that the beneficiaries had applied to the Assembly stating their needs which is the reason why each received what they benefited. He added that the 120 persons are first group the assembly supported whiles another group awaits.
The DCE Hon. Mohammed Bakor expressed that the Assembly delivered the items to persons with disabilities to improve their livelihood and therefore encouraged the beneficiaries not to dump or sell the tools else when they come back It will be difficult to get assistance. The beneficiaries expressed gratitude to the Sissala West Assembly for the support pledging to use the items for their own benefits.


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