Farmers in Sissala to recieve 200,000 cashew seedlings and 50,000 mangos next year


Farmers who are interested in growing cashew and mango in the Sissala East Municipal will receive 200,000 seedlings of cashew and 50,000 mango seedlings next year. This is the support Sissala East Municipal Assembly is offering to farmers under governments Planting for Investment and Rural Development in the move to bridge the gap of poverty most farmers in the municipality are noted for. Hon. Karim Nanyua disclosed this to RADFORD News in an interview after a field visit on September 19, 2018 where he led MOFA to inspect crops fields to assess performance of the season. As some farmers saw cashew to be a viable economic tree that can turned their lives, the MCE has encouraged farmers and youth to continue to grow cashew with and without the support of the assembly. He expressed that farmers should not wait until the assembly supply them seedlings but should nurse their own seedlings or buy when necessary. Karim Nanyua admonished farmers who received the first share of cashew seedlings to make sure the crop’s survival rate reaches 70 percent else they shall be made to pay. However, after the monitoring yesterday, he indicated that farmers need to preserve their crops from Bushfires and other factors that can render their investments to no benefit. He further urged farmers not to abandon millet and cotton production.


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